Wu Long Tea Health Benefits

Scientists have accepted the crucial role played by wu long or oolong tea as anti-aging, weight-loss and general health-giving brew. All the teas have more or less same properties like presence of caffeine, catechin, polyphenals, and teaflavin tearubigin that are highly beneficial to the humans, the amounts and percentages vary depending on the method of preparation. These figures are determined by the amount of oxidation at the time of manufacturing. Hence the health benefits of wu long tea are quite different from green tea and black tea. This is because wu long tea is semi-fermented, while green tea has small amount of processing and black tea is extensively oxidized.

New research indicates the following benefits of drinking wu long tea:

WEIGHT LOSS: Researchers have shown that regular consumers of oolong tea burnt calories twice as fast as those who consumed green tea. Drinking a cup of wu long tea after a meal raised the consumption of energy by 10%. As against it, those who drank green tea could raise their energy expenditure by only 4% while it was 0 for those who drank water. Drinking wu long tea before consuming high carbohydrates prevented the increase in insulin and thus minimizes the fattening effects of high carbohydrate meals.

IMPROVED SKIN CONDITION: Drinking a cup of wu long tea daily, removes the skin problems within a month. There was nearly 50% reduction in the amount of free radicals within a fortnight. These free radicals are particles that cause massive damage within the body and lead to aging problems like wrinkles and dark spots due to ultra-violet rays, chemical food additives, pollution and stress.

HEALTHY TEETH: Regularly drinking oolong tea makes the teeth strong and stops dental problems by prohibiting the build up of plaque.

STRONGER IMMUNITY: Tests conducted on people who drank wu long, showed that their immune systems became stronger and could successfully ward off infections.

Though these tests show the excellent future for wu long tea, it is advisable to consult your doctor about it, before using it for medicinal purposes.